Welcome to my site, Intentional Abundance!  This site will describe my personal journey towards Sustainable Consumerism, or as I am calling it, Intentional Abundance.  As detailed further in my About page, I believe that my personal choices impact my quality of life, and also the health of the planet.   This website will offer a humorous, exploratory, and insightful examination of my relationship with “Stuff” and how it impacts both mundane and larger decisions about purchasing, organizing, acquiring, disposing, and importantly how I spend my money and my time.  If you are also looking to find the balance of Intentional Abundance, and to reduce the time and money you spend on “junk,” you may relate to my journey.  As you read, I hope to entertain and inspire, and hear feedback on your own decisions and journeys.  Click for the latest Blog entry or to read the About page.

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